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STARCKE  »  Applications  »  Metal  »  Contour sanding

STARCKE  »  Applications  »  Metal  »  Contour sanding

Contour Sanding

In contour sanding, the workpiece, workpiece geometry and the abrasive tool come together to form a perfect symbiosis of high-quality surfaces.
Whether for the manufacture of surgical instruments, fittings, cutting tools, fixtures, or other products, our specialist abrasives offer the perfect solution.

Ceramic Cloth Belts

STARCKE cloth-backed ceramic abrasives offered on a variety of backings ranging from stable to highly flexible, designed for dry and wet grinding operations. Suitable for pre-grinding, intermediate grinding, and finish grinding operations. High removal rates and high-quality surface finishes owing to the special microblade structure of the abrasive grain.

Aluminium Oxide Cloth Belts

STARCKE aluminium oxide cloth-backed abrasives on sturdy to highly flexible backings for dry and wet grinding operations. The economic general-purpose product thanks to the use of quality abrasive grains throughout the grit range.

Non-Woven Belts

STARCKE non-woven aluminium oxide belts for hand and machine grinding operations ensure a perfect surface finish. High-quality abrasive grains and the special non-woven fabric structure ensure that surfaces are effortlessly cleaned and the desired surface structure achieved.

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